Grammar Rocks!

I absolutely love grammar, though I am sad to admit this wasn’t always true, particularly during my intermediate and high school years. It took a college writing course to make me discover this passion. These videos may seem dated or “vintage,” but I find them fun and engaging.


Anne Frank

Annette’s Workshop: Creative Writing with Prompts

Instructions: Draw three slips of paper, first represents the protagonist, second one represents the antagonist, and the third is the setting. Write a ten-sentence short story using the aforementioned prompts.

“The Would-Be Revenge of the Crazy Pencil”

Dark, angry clouds swirled in the sky. The storm’s rumble grew closer to the mall. Lightning streaked across the heavens. One actually struck a pencil, which had been carelessly tossed in the parking lot.
Oh horrors! Limbs were sprouting from the little nub. Across its side scribbles, an angry mouth could be dicerned. The animated pencil stomped its way into the mall in search in search of the owner who had so callously discarded it. The pencil poked its lead point into the ankle of anyone who dared approach it.
Chomp! Chomp! A woman with a frizzy wig, driven by the chance to find a bargain sale, squashed the crazy pencil with her shopping cart. Thus, shoppers were saved from the crazy pencil’s sharp, pointy wrath.


New England fall foliage scenes

The Raven – read by James Earl Jones

Something wicked this way comes

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